Feds highlight cannabis research barriers (Newsletter: October 26, 2021) – Marijuana Moment

TX delta-8 ban survives first court challenge; Top NV lawmaker: Feds must legalize marijuana; Psychedelics grants awarded

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In a new report obtained by Marijuana Moment, the National Institute on Drug Abuse briefed the House and Senate Appropriations Committees about how cannabis’s restrictive Schedule I status can “impede critical research…or prevent scientists from pursuing such work.”

  • NIDA also told Congress that not letting scientists study the marijuana that consumers actually purchase from dispensaries “may pose barriers to studying the health effects of products that individuals are using in real-world settings.”

A Texas judge denied an initial request to block regulators’ ban on delta-8 THC derived from hemp. The case will get another hearing next month.

Nevada’s Assembly speaker pro tempore authored an op-ed touting the state’s success regulating marijuana in an “equitable and business friendly framework”—but says federal legalization is needed to “take this work to the next level.”

The Plant Medicine Coalition announced that it awarded about $50,000 in grants to support a variety of psychedelics projects—including one to address “abuse and predatory behaviors in plant medicine circles.”


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Source: https://www.marijuanamoment.net/feds-highlight-cannabis-research-barriers-newsletter-october-26-2021/